Saturday, 1 April 2017

Story Telling and Commission: Fantastic Voyage, Pitch Reflection


I was pleased with the reception from the pitch. The main character Cyril was well received by the client and the concept of using a school setting was liked for its inclusion of humour and sense of nostalgia. 

However there will have to be a number of improvements and changes including the removal of the G0 phase and inclusion of digetic sounds to increase tension during the exam such as the clicking of the clock and pencils scratching on the paper. Additionally the paper must be animated so that it appears to be flipped through during the text book stages to make the animation more fluid. The dialogue must be revised in order to create a sense of school nostalgia and colloquialism giving Cyril more character. The world that Cyril is based in must also make use of more vibrate and saturated colours giving a more cartoon feel while making the others de-saturated to draw attention to Cyril. Finally the ending must have a better conclusion either with Cyril "remarking" at his joy of starting school again or restarting and reverting back to his former self.

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