Monday, 26 September 2016

Invisible city thumb nails 15 - 42

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  1. Hey Alex what's up! I'm Eva and I'll be mentoring you for a while. - Which just means i'll help you out hopefully with some friendly advice here and there : ^)

    And my first piece of advice for you is about presentation! These thumbnails are nice - but the presentation doesn't do them any favours ! I do think you should consider taking future pages and such when drawing traditionally over to a scanner so that they're on a nice stark background and you're able to see the details properly. (Alongside with that yellow-lit tint being gone)

    For example: Charlie from 3rd year scans what he does from life drawing sessions and arranges them appropriately:

    I know presentation seems like a pain but it will insure it's not more difficult than it should be to view your work. (`・ω・´)”