Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Story Telling and Commission: Fantastic Voyage, Initial Research

The given age group for this brief was for a student of GCSE level education. This means that the age range will typically be of 14-16 years depending on the school. While the aim personally is to create an animation that is aimed at teenagers the video must retain enough clarity to be understood by a younger audience (11 years old as requested by client).  

In terms of animations that have been geared towards teenagers there is a large variety of styles and settings. This can be traced back to the introduction of various media used to created entertainment aimed at adults. Good examples that have helped to open up animation towards adults and the wider audience include “South Park”, “Simpsons” and “Diara”. “South Park” was discussed as highly controversial with its humour written for more mature audience containing large amounts of racism, violence and sexual themes. This humour is conveyed through the more simplistic cartoon characters that had been cut out from paper which would be related to more childish programs.

As a result there is a large plethora choice in art style for the animation. However there is an aim to retain a simpler art style that is commonly enjoyed by all age groups. Inspiration was originally taken from Channel 4’s “It’s Pay Back Time” cancer trailer, promoting funding against cancer through the use of animation. The way that the animation had been rendered is that of a more realistic art style producing a rather unique piece, despite this it is the choice in shapes for the characters and environments that is the focus. In terms of how the world will actually be rendered inspiration will be taken from more flat forms of animation. These will include animation such as “Dumb Ways to Die”, “Bob’s Burgers” and “The Mr Men Show”.

The age group that has been chosen not only has access to a large amount of animation art styles but also story settings. A large number of TV shows aimed at this age group consists of more relatable characters with more unique twists. In terms of GCSE a relatable environment would be that of school and has been commonly explored by a number of programs and will be the selected environment for the animation. In terms of the setting the target audience will be able to understand the context of the animation. The school theme will be carried out with the various stages such as G1 being a class for education on how a cell should grow and replicate and the various checkpoints being a school test that must be completed. As cells reproduce a number of times other elements from “Road hog Day” could be included.

Some Animations
Bob’s Burgers
Samurai Zack

YouTube dumb ways to die
YouTube the Mr men show
YouTube BBC cancer animation, pay back

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