Sunday, 5 March 2017

Storytelling & Commision: From Script to Screen, Reflective Statement

From Script to Screens has proven to be a difficult project bringing up new concepts that I have yet to experience. One of the many new tasks that I had to undertake and found difficulty in was character design. Due to a lack of willingness and knowledge I took a considerably longer amount of time to adapt to a suitable art style that strayed from a more realistic rendition of both people and surroundings. As a result the following work that was to follow was unable to fit within the time frame and thus unable to fully complete the final product.
From this project I have also picked up on the importance of clear communication with the animatic and pre-viz animation. Sound and clarity of the animation play a pivotal role in the portrayal of the story.
In order to improve upon these issues I must be able to adopt a number of other styles and forms of rendering art putting aside the ones I am more comfortable with.

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