Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Story Telling and Commission: Fantastic Voyage, Progress update 3

All of the Maya has been completed and the voice has been added. Small details still missing include some transitions, sounds and several additional layers.


  1. I'm just going to say it, because better now than at your crit and in your feedback... it just seems nutty to me there's no actual walk-cycle for this guy, considering what you've learned and experienced so far - compositionally, the 'hiding' of his legs and arms is made very evident by what is a bit odd about the walking scenes - your character loses his charm and characterfulness here. Anything you can do about this bald spot?

    In terms of sound - lots of opportunities for more - for example, some kind of 'boing' sound when Cyril grows 'twice as large'... ticking clocks, tense suspense-making music during the examinations?

    Also - I wonder if the toon line is too thick sometimes?

    What's with the strange colours at the end of the film (cell splitting scene?) and also, right now the ending doesn't make sense, because we don't know what the 'new cyril' is seeing to prompt his line 'well, I guess they don't call it the cell cycle for nothing' - shouldn't he find himself back in the classroom?

    For me, you've got a lot of good stuff here, but I think you're cutting corners too and it shows a bit in places...

  2. forgot to add - the voice-over is fun and works nicely :)