Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Invisible Cities OGR

My first OGR, got to start some where


  1. OGR 06/10/2016

    Hey Alex,

    Just wanted to say that you've produced some lovely, atmospheric thumbnails during your exploration of Calvino's cities. I also want to say up front that Argia is really HARD! I say this not to put you off your choice, but rather to warn you against producing lots of dark brown paintings filled with dark brown soft lumps. I'm not suggesting you will, I'm just telling you that students who've chosen this city in the past often struggle to 'open up' its possibilities and find it hard to lend distinctiveness to the three paintings. You have to think big and you have to exploit fully the details Calvino gives you - such as his reference to the roots, which is an example to import some architectural elements into the scene that are not 'just' more rock:

    Again, to avoid brown on brown traps, think about building materials in Argia - for example:


    Lighting is always an issue in Argia, so you'll need to think from where your light sources are deriving, and how it's moved around the city if needs be:

    Another helpful stance to take is one of specificity in terms of Argia's location, as this will give you architectural styles from which to choose, as even though all the buildings are underground and perhaps carved from clay, the vocabulary of their shapes might derive from a specific culture.

    The other big challenge is to create a sense of scale and it may help to look at some 'mega-builds' to get a sense of what this means for you and your choice:

    Short version - Argia is real challenge for the concept artist - don't underestimate it.

  2. more suggestions here;

  3. thank you for the advice I have already been thinking of the purpose and materials of the city prior and I will try to find a fitting source of light