Sunday, 16 October 2016

Interior and low shot composition

The two low shot angles on the top are focusing on views looking upwards towards the main drill shaft of the mining towers getting a look at two different cities of varying scale. The lowest composition takes a look from a different angle from the platform within the outer areas of the city looking towards the shaft from the outside. I am uncertain of which view to choose as they express very different views of the city. This was mainly inspired by old mining shafts and WW1 trenches. Additionally more detail is required to give a more unique feel. 

The interior shots allows for a closer look inside of a hydroponic farm. The image is yet to be completed showing the source of light and water but no plants.


  1. this looks great. the last image reminds me of doctor caligari :)

    1. Thanks having a difficult time trying to make it seem like one city since there is so much ground to cover

  2. Holy shit these are awesome!. I love that you use the same style as your life drawings :)