Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Argia Composition experiment/ Colour composition

Experimenting with the composition of the underground city. This set up composes of a chain of mining towers within a small crevice rather than a large one. From this angle smaller paths can be seen on either side which are lit by lamps. Supporting ropes on anchors are reaching outwards across the cavern. Thanks to Simon for suggesting bounce below

The next view that over looks the city is taken from a lower angle along one of the paths along the cavern. These two compositions overlook the city from a distance making it possible to view the multiple towers that are linked together. Colour is yet to be added to this thumbnail.

The styles chosen have been looked over briefly going over the type of mining tower with super structure surrounding it. After some consideration it has been decided that the towers will consist of a multitude of main floors and several smaller ones all connected by bridges allowing access to the other towers.


  1. Noice! I love your style of light and shadow with the rocks :)

  2. Hey Alex - just be careful that the rocks in the foreground don't 'upstage' your city - texturally they're taking up a lot of my attention and I'm sort of straining to 'look past' them. In terms of 'staging' you want to direct my eye towards the city as the most important element in the composition - this is the establishing shot of the city, not the cave. You might consider a 'depth of field' approach - i.e. if the rock elements are on layers, blur them to simulate the fact of the 'camera' focusing on the city, as opposed to the rocks: you want the opposite of what's happening in this image: