Thursday, 24 November 2016

What If Metropolis, OGR Part 2

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  1. OGR 24/11/2016

    Hi Alex,

    A really exciting POV and a fascinating end point in light of your first OGR - I think you've arrived somewhere much more speculative and unpredictable - so well done. This is a green light - with two reservations - the first is I think the POV, though refreshingly subjective, is encouraging us to look at 'nothing' - and it does seem as if there's a challenge here in terms of using the matte painting more boldly - to show us some important or complex feature - as opposed to just 'the sky'. Challenging though it may be, it makes sense to use a matte painting to extend your world in a properly proactive way - as opposed to in a functional sense. Your whole POV suggests we should be looking up and towards something meaningful as opposed to a gap.

    The second observation would simply be to ensure that, in terms of your various buildings, you're also still looking at architecture and its functions in a real world sense. I want to be able to better orientate myself - so I'm hunting for windows or fabrication details, or some additional architectural detailing capable of moving your designs beyond the merely sculptural. In this sense, I think there's still more work to be done in design terms.

    Finally I'd be expecting to see complete production art for your key assets and a set of clean-as-a-whistle orthographs - a set of official technical drawings. I'm suggesting that students consider using the tidying potential of Illustrator tools as a means of de-sketching their technical drawings.

    So, short version - give me something important to look at in terms of the contribution of the matte painting: so something as primary as this:

    Think about your key assets as 'architecture' so don't forget to get into the nuts and bolts of the little bits of detailing which will sell your models as credible - and which will also give audiences a sense of scale and materiality. There's a second pass of design-led thinking you need to undertake to fully establish your key assets as complete.

    (Also - when it comes to Art Ofs etc - I want to see these pencil sketches post-produced in Photoshop, so they're clean, punchy and professionalised).