Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Storytelling & Commision: From Script to Screen, My Three Words

The three components that are to be included within my story for this project includes the following

Character: Burglar
Place: Morgue 
Prop: Light Bulb

This task of writing a story will be a first and will prove to be a difficult and challenging experience. Despite the obstacles ahead I am excited to see what will be achieved in the next seven weeks. 


  1. Maybe the visuals of this could be quite dark? and maybe you could reference people that go to hotels to steal everything, but change it to a morgue?

  2. To me, this feels like a classic dark twist of a tale - I can imagine how a burglar might get his comeuppance - i.e. breaking into dark buildings, stealing stuff, only to find that he's broken into a morgue - surrounded by dead people - which is reveal at the flick of a light switch...

    or you might have the idea of the burglar being a 'stealer of souls' - the sort of creature that might hang about in a morgue looking for easy pickings....

  3. Seem's like an odd place for a burglar to be, (unless he's died himself as a consequence of stealing?). Despite the dark nature of the words, it could be quite humourous. Perhaps the burglar had unintentionally stumbled across the morgue instead of the 3 bedroom house he'd planned to steal from for months.
    Perhaps the morgue is in a place you wouldn't expect, like an ordinary house.
    In that regard, the person he's stealing from could also be bad, if not worse, (in terms of the law), than himself? Maybe, therefore, it could be a story of redemption?

    With Polly's idea of the dark visuals, the art itself could revolve around that idea of light and dark. Maybe have it chiaroscuro, where the contrast between the light and dark is very strong. That is if your going for a more serious take though.