Saturday, 21 January 2017

Storytelling & Commision: From Script to Screen, Finalising the Story

The Premise – Love for one’s child will drive people to complete what is not deemed possible

The Logline – Even when presented with death a lone soul will use what little time he has borrowed to make amends for his daughter before the soul-stealer claims his life.

The Step Outline

In the morgue the lower floor is presented, rows of bodies all laid out upon the sterile, steel tables, being prepared for storage.

A small light can be seen shining through the jacket of one of the bodies before fading.

Suddenly the body sits up, springing to life, looking around he can see that the bodies around him, of which all look content in their deaths.

Reaching into his jacket he finds a light bulb that is lit looking at it trying to remember.

In a panic he begins to search his personal belongings finding a number of items including his keys, spare change, and his wallet; soon he comes across an unsigned divorce papers and a small picture.

While examining both these items his attention is drawn to the light bulb as it flickers before dimming slightly.

Turning around he can make out a figure in the unlit part of the hall closing in.

He begins to run using the dimming light to guide him, the figures continues to give chase.

The man begins to think about what he is going to say voicing it inside his head “Sorry, I’m so sorry”, “I wasn’t there for you”, “

As the light fades he finds that his skin is turning pale, death has started to settle in.

“I love you”

Upon reaching a phone on the wall the man forces change into it and dials a number, panicked he turns to see the figure once again closing the gap.

The phone dials.

The dial tone stops and someone picks up, the light fades out completely with the figure right behind him.

The phone drops with a young girl talking “Hello? (talking away from the phone) mum, the phone.”

The photo floats down revealing an image of his daughter before the bulb crashes onto the floor and shatters.

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