Thursday, 19 January 2017

Storytelling & Commision: From Script to Screen, Putting the Components Together

In order to form the most basic concept of the story all ideas surrounding the morgue, burglar and light bulb have been posted collectively onto a single board so that can be rearranged. Currently it appears that there are two main groups, one formed around the morality of stealing and the other being that of a more spectral nature.

Board of ideas consisting of the most basic ideas.
1.A burglar who fell out with his mother for his career choice, goes to a morgue that has been closed off and worn down with the lights flickering on and off, the burglar who is carrying a light bulb, reaches one of the lower floor of the morgue fitting the light bulb giving a fixed light revealing his mother on the table where he tries to find a resolve with his peace

2.The thief of souls (equivalent of grim reaper), goes around the morgue to allow the souls to rest and bring them to the other side, uses the light bulb to signify when a person will die (Greek mythology, three sisters cutting the thread of fate), is spotted by a worker who continues to live his life in fear of the reaper into old age where the reaper shows himself to him revealing his dim light bulb

3.Victorian burglar is on the loose, stealing body parts in order to sell to those curious in the human biology, he leaves a trail in a morgue and a lone police officer wanting to prove himself

4.A memory thief, has no clear memories the he can call his own uncertain with his identity he hunts for happy memories that he can call his own, these memories are taken from the dead in the morgue, stored in light bulbs
(I am thinking that ideas 3 and 4 would be better together as one story the burglar is trying to find and extract the memory from the body, however the police officer is closing in closing his window of time to escape.)

5.A burglar is shot and killed, the body is taken to a morgue where the souls of the bodies form a collective group where they are then judged to pass on, a light bulb is used to represent the goodness left in the person

6.A trapped first time burglar is trying to get out of the morgue after stealing possessions of the dead, the light goes out and his morality and worries being to materialises in the form of the dead he has stolen from, he runs trying to find a spare light bulb to replace the light to keep the dead away, after succeeding he looks down at his loot questioning if his morality will allow him to complete his actions


  1. love the post it notes, Al :)

    I think you're onto something with the idea of the lightbulb being symbolic of life, and your thief being a 'soul stealer' - that's a very visual way of showing life coming to an end - as a lightbulb being 'unscrewed' or removed. I'm reminded of a few other things: this image by Jeff Wall is one of them: (see 'Invisible Man' photo).

    And also this:

    Not sure you have a story yet exactly; it feels like you might need someone else to see that something is stealing the souls from people and do something about it - or maybe someone wants to take their light bulb back because they're not ready to die. Your story might begin with someone waking up in a morgue and seeing the Light Thief at work and giving chase, ending up in a sort of journey into the afterlife - I'm now reminded of this too:

    You're definitely onto something - I see 'story sparks' igniting here!

  2. The thief of souls idea reminds me of Irish Folklore of the "Sluagh". the Sluagh meaning host were the spirits of the restless dead and were so evil that they were rejected from heaven and Hell and would try to enter west facing windows to capture the souls of a dying person. It could be something to check out :)