Saturday, 21 January 2017

Storytelling & Commision: From Script to Screen, Putting the Components Together 2

Following onward from the previous feedback given for the story I have built upon the positive components of the story. Continuing to focus upon the raw components the following combinations are to be fleshed out later.

Board of ideas, characters on the top row

1.A lone soul is lifted from its body, in the morgue the souls gather in line ready to pass on to the next world. Looking around the soul finds that all those around him have dimly lit light bulbs. Finding that he does not have a light bulb of his own he focuses onto another like him but before he can reach out sluagh take the other soul away. The main character runs away hiding in the morgue where he finds a worker, unknown to the worker the soul unscrews his brightly lit bulb (full of life). Before the sluagh can take away the soul they are warded away with the newly found source of light. The main character is able to rejoin the others and pass on. Unknown to him the worker has died his body soon releasing its soul which lacks a light bulb.

2.A worker at a morgue finds that he has been gifted with the ability to see the life force in people through the form of light bulbs. However he finds that some bodies are missing their bulbs in the morgue. On the night shift before he leaves the guard appears unconscious but he sees that his bulb is missing, following a mysterious shadow he enters a room where a sluagh has been stealing and hording the life force as they hang above him across the room. Before he knows it the slaugh has crept up behind him.

3.A burglar breaks into a morgue with the intention of stealing the property of those who have died. Going through the bodies he finds a light bulb that is lit despite not being connected to any source of power. The grim reaper comes to finish his job only finding the burglar and so claims his light (life instead). The burglar refuses to give in and so chase the reaper.

4.A man wakes up in a morgue finding that he was about presumed dead. After searching his possessions he finds that he has a bulb in his pocket that is dimly lit. The soul stealer arrives telling him he is on borrowed time and must use what little is left to complete his wish. The man has no memory and tries to go through the rest of his possessions in an attempt to remember. After enough searching he finds a picture of his family, remembering everything he runs to the nearest phone finding that before he can finish dialing the number his bulb has faded.

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  1. 4 is nice - I like the idea of the dimming bulb and unfinished business - it really could be as simple as him phoning his wife/husband and saying 'I love you' and then we see the bulb flicker out, and then the soul-theif comes to claim him. It could be very beautiful really.

    I can imagine it starting very suddenly - a man sits up in a moment of shock in a room surrounded by other bodies lying peacefully on tables - he leaps up, searches his pockets, both he and your audience don't understand what's happening yet...