Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Story Telling and Commission: Soundscape, Initial Thoughts and Word Stacks

Image 1 

Symmetrical, Smooth 
Discolouration, Thermal, Heating and Cooling
Organic, Shell, Sprouting, Growing, Spreading 
Layered, Multiplying, Complex, Structured, Rounded, Hollow
Matte, Reflective, Catching the light
Coral, Underwater, Floral, Bright, Suspension, Darkness
Brittle, Delicate, Ceramic, Hard, Cold to the touch

Image 2

Hairy, Fur, Brush
Scaly, Shiny, Reflective, Skin,Snake, Sliding, Cold
Nature, Green, Particles, , Fibers, Smooth
Hexagons, Nature's choice of shape
Rubbery, Friction, Elastic, Stretchy, Dense, Heavy

Image 3

Spreading, Viral, Infection, Floating, Free, Exposed
Transparent, Thin, Glassy, Plastic, Molded, Man-made 
Colourful, Bright, Attraction
Winged, Structured, Delicate, Petite
Smooth, Reflective, Shiny, Glassy
Alien, Alternating

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