Tuesday, 24 January 2017

@Phil - Storytelling & Commision: From Script to Screen, Finalising Story 2

The Premise – Love for one’s child will drive people to complete what is not deemed possible

The Logline – Even when presented with death a lone soul will use what little time he has borrowed to make amends for his daughter before the soul-stealer claims his life.

The Step Outline

In the morgue the lower floor is presented, rows of bodies all laid out upon the sterile, steel tables, being prepared for storage.

Suddenly the last body on the row sits up, springing to life.

He uses both hands to cradle his head before looking at his own wrist noticing the thin drip diverting his attention to a lit suspended bulb (in the style of an IV drip).

He hears an audible noise of a bulb being unscrewed and turns to his left seeing the thief, several bodies down the row as he pockets a bulb.

The bodies can be seen with their light bulbs all floating above them with a tether connected to their wrists.

In a calm, methodical mood the thief navigates from the body in front of him to the next one down the row bringing the thief one body closer to the man.

The thief can be seen with the current body taking the light bulb examining it closely.

The thief brings the dim bulb closely to its ear hearing quiet whispers, memories of the dead body before unscrewing it causing the bulb to produce an ethereal gasp (or last breath) going out completely.

Drawing attention to his own bulb the man grasps his bulb bringing it closer, he can hear a number of noises before hearing a clear voice of a young girl (his daughter with the background noise of children playing, at a park?) “Where are you daddy?”

He reaches into his jacket pulling out his wallet revealing a picture of him, his partner and his daughter.

The man’s attention returns back to the thief who has begun to move onto the next light bulb before directing his vision to the opposite side of the room seeing a telephone on the wall.

Seeing this, the man changes his focus from the thief (who is methodically closing in), his picture and the phone.

Suddenly the man jumps off the table rushing towards the phone and dials in a number.

He turns back, seeing that the thief is on the last body on the row.

The phone dials but no one picks up, a loud noise of the footsteps can be heard slowly getting closer.

It seems like no one is going to pick up and the man closes his eyes the footsteps right behind him.

The thief moves his hand towards the man, placing it upon his shoulder and the phone picks up on the other side.

The man opens his eyes, turning his head slightly to acknowledge the thief before return to the phone, “Hey, honey, I’m not going to be home tonight so I just wanted to say…”

The short ends with darkness.

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